Mortgage Rates Still Giving Back Coronavirus Gains

Mortgage rates have spent just over a week moving back up from the lowest levels in more than three and a half years.  Those long-term lows came courtesy of the panic surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, which led investors to move more money into safe havens like bonds.  When demand for bonds rises, rates fall, including mortgage rates.  

The move back up coincides with a steady decrease in the level of panic surrounding the outbreak.  Global stock markets have not been shy about reversing coronavirus-related losses, with US stocks actually back to all-time highs.  Chinese equities haven't made up nearly as much ground by comparison.  And finally, the bond market (which dictates interest rates) isn't anywhere close to its pre-coronavirus levels.  

All of that having been said, rates are still moving in that direction.  The safest bet would be to assume that move can continue as long as coronavirus panic continues to so subside.

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